Blowpro Textstyle Dry Texture Spray

The Blowpro Dry Texture Spray was the very first “texturizing spray” I ever tried. It wasn’t love at first spritz, but now I enjoy it so much I’ve almost finished the can and even purchased the travel size!

It comes in both a full and travel size. I like the green and white packaging, and I think the more recent cans have a green spray nozzle as well. The top is rather cheaply made but on the full size it fits snugly and doesn’t fall off. The travel size top can pop off if it’s rolling around in your bag. Both sizes have a nice even mist and I don’t find that it dispenses at pressure washer forces. I’ve had my full size for at least 6 months and I use it at least a couple of times per week, so I feel that you get a decent amount of product. I haven’t had any issues with the nozzle clogging either.

IMG_1963editNow, let’s look at the product claims:

• Versatile formula allows you to set textured styles in just seconds
• Quick-dry dispense provides dramatic definition that works to not only build desired texture, but controls grease and oil buildup
• Our brushable blend of ingredients and Lasting-flex® technology with built in memory allows you to re-create your style the next day

• Lastingflex™ technology includes a combination of Starch, Silica and Flexible polymers that hold memory and create ample texture with added volume to finish your style.
• The lightweight formula including truffle extract, basil flower and rooibos leaf extracts imparts a soft feel to the hair post use that is still brushable.
• The powder/polymer combination dispenses a quick-drying formula that lets you style in seconds while the starch works to absorb oil throughout.

• Proprietary Pure Protein Blend strengthens and protects hair for better blow dry results
• Safe for all hair types, including color treated and processed hair. Remember to shake well and spray 6-8″ away
• Sulfate free, paraben free and sodium-chloride free. 100% Keratin treatment compliant.
• Does not contain ethanol alcohol which can be damaging and stripping to hair

This is a product I prefer to use as a root volumizer on dry hair. I’ve used it both on freshly washed and second day hair with great results. It definitely gives my hair more lift and grip for styling and the inclusion of starch and silica helps to control oil. The lift it provides holds well throughout the day and it also works to keep any flyaway hairs in place.

On a typical day I put my hair up in a ponytail or a bun and use this to give volume at the crown to avoid a slicked back look. This also makes backcombing much easier. I have quite slippy hair that doesn’t like to hold teasing or curling but this product adds enough grit without feeling sticky to help it stay. Because this is a sort of hairspray + dry shampoo combo it leaves a more matte finish to the hair. I don’t mind the mattifying effect on the second day, but if I have clean hair I like to keep the shine. Applying the product where it won’t be seen in the final style helps with this. I like to section my hair at the crown in an ear to ear direction and spray on the underside of each section.

If you apply this in conjuction with a dry shampoo (I use Blowpro’s Faux Dry, review upcoming) it can leave a slight white cast on the hair that’s difficult to blend in. If you apply too much product in one area it can also leave a white cast. Start with less product than you think you need and build from there. You can also experiment with holding the nozzle further away for a less concentrated mist to avoid going gray.

The fragrance is very noticeable and stays around throughout the day. It smells like all other Blowpro products I’ve tried, very fresh and clean but also very hairspray-ish. It’s not my favorite scent but I do appreciate that it keeps me smelling fresh on the second day, even on post-workout hair.  The product also dries down in less than a minute. Then you to fluff or scrunch your hair into place, and it’s still easy to brush out at the end of the day.

I’m not quite sure about the Lastingflex™ technology or Proprietary Pure Protein Blend properties, but I do find it easier to style my hair on the day after first application and I don’t find that it dries my hair out excessively.  I’ve checked through the ingredients and didn’t find any sulfates, parabens, or sodium-chloride containing compounds. However, this brings us to the only peeve I have with this product: It claims that it doesn’t contain ethanol alcohol.

Ethanol alcohol? Ethanol alcohol??? Really? This is a bit of a science lover’s rant, but the correct terminology is either “ethanol” or “ethyl alcohol.” Ethanol alcohol is like saying ethyl alcohol alcohol. Completely redundant and also incorrect.  Technically they are correct that the product does not contain ethanol, but it does contain SD 40B alcohol, or alcohol denat. Alcohol denat. is short for denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol is ethanol, the type of alcohol present in alcoholic beverages, with nasty tasting additives so that it cannot be safely consumed. This prevents extraction of alcohol from common, sometimes less expensive products for drinking purposes.

End of rant.

The Verdict

Terminology nitpicking aside, this is a favorite product of mine and I will be repurchasing once my full size runs out! I haven’t had any issues with packaging malfunctions and I very much like the degreasing and texturizing effects of this product. The scent may be a turn off for some but I don’t mind it.  It gives results similar to those of the Charles Worthington Salon at Home Volume & Bounce Texturizing Spray (what a mouthful!) or the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.


Price per Full size, $19.75 Travel size, $9.50
1 oz $3.56 USD $5.94 USD
100 g $12.34 USD $20.21 USD

Dry texturizing sprays have recently become an addiction of mine, and I’ll be reviewing the Charles Worthington one soon!  Have you tried anything like this?  What’s your favorite?  Let me know in the comments!


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