Tree Hut Body Scrubs: Affordable & Effective!

The Tree Hut body scrubs were an accidental discovery for me when my mom included them in mine and my sister’s Easter baskets one year.  Since then they’ve been a staple in my routine and a frequent addition to birthday and holiday gifts!

Tree Hut Salt Scrub 3

I have tried several of the scents available, but the one I’ll be reviewing first is the new Detoxifying Mediterranean Salt Scrub in Fig & Olive.  I happened to be perusing the aisles of Ulta this past week and this one was on the weekly buy one get one 50% off special.  I nearly picked up two of my old favorites, but the new scents caught my eye.  Ever since I visited England several months ago I’ve been more drawn to fig scents, which are much more popular in the UK than here in the States.  I gave this scrub a whiff and absolutely fell in love with the scent!  It’s much darker and stronger than any of the other Tree Hut products.  It’s nothing like what I would expect Fig & Olive to smell like; it’s very fresh yet heady, a bit green & floral too.  It smells expensive.

Tree Hut Salt Scrub 1

These scrubs are a favorite of mine because I feel like they actually do what they’re meant to do: exfoliate your skin.  Many scrubs aren’t abrasive enough for me and I feel like I’ve bought a tub of moisturizing body wash with a few granules added as an afterthought.  I’ve used this particular scrub a handful of times now and I think I prefer their sugar scrubs over the salt ones.  The sugar scrubs are a touch more abrasive, and the moisturizing ingredients are a bit more liquid.  Table salt crystals are smaller than sugar crystals, just by the nature of the molecule.  This one is much thicker and a touch more difficult to spread over the skin.

There was one aspect of this scrub that surprised me: it warms up when massaged into the skin!  I had no idea that it would do this when I bought it; the warming action isn’t advertised in the product description.  I have a feeling it would be excellent for colder months because of this.  I did a bit of research on the ingredients but I haven’t been able to determine which are responsible for this lovely little exothermic reaction.

Tree Hut Salt Scrub 2

More on the ingredients: The main components of the scrub are salts, glycerin, butylene glycol (another moisturizing ingredient with a texture similar to honey from what I can tell), and activated charcoal.  The charcoal does definitely give the product a dark blackish purple color.  Charcoal has been getting a lot of buzz in the beauty world lately due to its ability to absorb toxins.  For those who feel that charcoal benefits their skin this would be a great buy!  It has many different plant extracts, but they’re listed after the fragrance so they’re likely in very small amounts.

I haven’t had one of their Shea Sugar body scrubs in awhile because I went on a bit of a DIY body scrub binge and I’m trying to use up all of the oils I purchased for my experiments.  If you’re interested I’ve been thinking of doing a post of my favorite DIY scrubs too!  However, in general the Tree Hut sugar scrubs are absolute perfection.  They’re hydrating but don’t leave an oily film on the skin or your bath surface.  They leave your skin super soft and smooth; they’re inexpensive and smell like a tropical vacation.  I also saw a couple of new scents in this formula on the website as I was writing this post!  The Italian Mocha and Pomegranate Acai look intriguing!  Oooh, and the Passion Fruit Guava… and Amazon Pequi… hell, they all look great!

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Favorite scents I’ve tried so far are Tropical Mango (smells just like mango), Brazilian Nut (smells like caramelized brown sugar), and Coconut Lime (much more coconut with a touch of lime).  The only one I don’t recommend is the Hawaiian Kukui.  I’ve smelled it in store and it just smells a bit odd to me.  I can’t really describe it, it’s just not an appealing smell.

For a full list of scents available, visit the Tree Hut website.

The Verdict

All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase.  It’s something new and different which I always appreciate in a beauty product.  The scent is one I would expect from a much pricier brand and I think they’ve done an excellent job with it.  I’m not sure that the activated charcoal does anything new and different for my skin, but the formula as a body exfoliator is excellent.  The Shea Sugar body scrubs have a slightly superior formula in my opinion, only because I prefer a quite abrasive scrub and a bit thinner texture.  Very excited to try all of the new scents they’re releasing as well!

Tree Hut prides itself on being a “Made in the USA” brand using many natural and organic ingredients.  They do not test on animals.


Price per Salt Scrub, $8.99 Shea Sugar Scrub, $7.49 Travel Size Sugar Scrub, $4.99
1 oz $0.66 USD $0.42 USD $0.91 USD
100g $2.12 USD $1.47 USD $3.20 USD

Have you tried any of these scrubs? What’s your favorite body exfoliator? Share in the comments below!

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