Maybelline Color Elixir by Color Sensational | Review & Swatches

maybelline color elixirs

Right off the bat I would like to state how seriously impressed I am by this formula!  They are without a doubt the most hydrating gloss I have ever tried.  The moisture really sticks around, even after the high shine wears off.  They also give a good dose of color and I think the lipstick bullet shaped packaging is rather clever.

There are 20 shades total.  There’s a nice color selection available with several neutral pinks, some brights and some darker shades.  I wish they would add a few more peachy pinks to the line; their Celestial Coral is not what I would call coral although it is a nice color.  The shades don’t always translate on the lips the same way they look in the tube either.  The two I have for review today are 065 Caramel Infusion (left) and 080 Captivating Carnation (right).

maybelline color elixir swatches

They have a very unique texture on the lips.  It feels plush, like your lips are being coddled by the most pillowy softness imaginable.  They feel a bit thick, but not sticky.  The wand is diamond shaped with a little deposit of product in the middle so you don’t have to dip into the tube three and four times to coat your lips.  They wear a bit longer than your average gloss but they will disappear more quickly after eating and drinking.  I have noticed that the color tends to wear off more from the center of the lips, which leaves behind a faint lip liner look.  That’s easily fixed by reapplying though.  Despite the slightly uneven fading process, the lips are left feeling plump and moisturized for a good while afterwards.

The scent is a bit odd.  For some reason I feel like it reminds me of a Jo Malone fragrance I’ve smelled before but I can’t for the life of me remember which one it could be.  The scent is quite strong and lingers for a while, so if scented lip products aren’t your thing this may be a product to pass on.  I didn’t notice any flavor in these glosses.

065 Caramel Infused is a medium warm, pinky beige with a very fine gold shimmer that’s really only visible in direct sunlight.  This has been the one I’ve reached for the most of the two.

caramel infusion 1

caramel infusion 3

caramel infusion 4

080 Captivating Carnation is a medium, blue toned pink.  It’s quite a lot brighter on the lips than I expected especially after reapplying.  It has no shimmer.

captivating carnation 1

captivating carnation 2

captivating carnation 4

The Verdict

Looking for something hydrating that still gives your lips some color and shine?  Definitely give these a go!  I can see myself repurchasing the one in Caramel Infused because I’ve used it so much already!  They feel so plush and moisturizing they’re worth a shot even if thicker glosses aren’t usually your thing.  They can can be applied lightly for a nice tint or layered for a bright punch.  If you have more pigmented lips or a darker skin tone I can see these working well for you.  There are plenty of pinks and brights to choose from, but I find the shade range lacking in more peachy tones.  Hopefully these will be popular enough that they’ll bring out some new shades.  I’ve already seen one collection of four limited edition neon shades.

Animal Testing:  As per their website they do not test on animals.  However, products sold in China are required by Chinese regulation to undergo animal testing.  As I understand it these tests are conducted by Chinese officials and not by Maybelline or their parent company L’Oreal Paris.


Price:  MSRP on the Maybelline website is $8.99 USD for 0.17 fl oz/ 5mL of product.

Are these on your beauty wish list?  Know of any similar products?  Share in the comments!


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