Dry Skin Saviors

Plagued by dry skin?  These products helped me get the moisture back!

dry skin savior 1

In the past few weeks my skin has been feeling progressively drier, something I’m rather unfamiliar with.  I kind of always assumed my skin would stop producing teenage amounts of oil as I got older, but since I’m only starting to reach the mid 20s range it’s caught me unprepared.  It could be due in part to my efforts to quash the hormonal acne I’ve been plagued with in the past few months, but a lot of what I do is spot treating so logically it shouldn’t dry out my entire face.  Right?  *crickets chirping*

In the past week I’ve been especially diligent in choosing products that are more suitable for dry skin.  I had one particularly miserable day where I went to work and my face felt so dry all day all I could do was pray for the end of the day so I could run home, remove makeup, and slather on a thick layer of the richest moisturizer I could find.  After that day of miserable discomfort I’ve also put a few of my previous favorite makeup and skincare products on hold.  They’re much more suitable for the combination/oily skin I was used to.  I’ve certainly felt more comfortable in my own skin since I changed up my routine.  Sad to see the old favorites go but I’ll have them on hand if my skin has another bipolar phase!

After a good bit of research and taking advantage of free Sephora samples, here are the skincare and makeup bits I would recommend for anyone battling dry skin in the midst of summer.

The Face

I’ve held on to my current Foaming Cleanser from CeraVe for most days, but on particularly occasions I’ve picked up their Hydrating Cleanser.  It’s almost like one of those in-shower moisturizers but in a cleanser.  It’s non foaming, very gentle, and it leaves your face feeling very hydrated indeed!  The only downside is that I find it doesn’t always clean the skin especially well.  I prefer to use it in the morning and then use the Foaming Cleanser at night to make sure I really get off all traces of makeup.

dry skin savior2

I’ve switched up my sunscreen of choice after many years of being a devoted EltaMD user (review here) to the Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45 by PCA Skin.  This one gets along better with heavier moisturizers.  I don’t find that it gives additional moisture but it’s not drying in the same way the EltaMD UV Clear was beginning to feel for me.  It sits nicely on top of my PM moisturizer that has now become my pick for AM as well.  The Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Moisturizer does a very nice job of holding in hydration and works well under makeup.  It takes a bit longer to sink in than I’m used to but if you wander off to make breakfast before you do makeup you’ll have a nicely moisturized face waiting for you.  For night time I’ve added the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  This is a lightweight oil that I apply underneath moisturizer.  When I wake up in the morning my skin looks a hundred times happier!  As a bonus it smells amazing.  It’s like aromatherapy for your face.  In the same vein if you’re sensitive to fragrant oils this would be one to skip.  This product consists of a triglyceride, squalene, and then a string of 10-15 essential oils.

My moisture mask of choice is the aptly named Origins Drink Up [10 minute mask to quench skin’s thirst].  I hesitated to buy this until I ran out of my freebie Sephora sample for the second time and was like, “My skin is dying!!!”  If you have the same odd combination of dry but still acne prone skin issues I do this is an excellent pick.  I like to slap it on in the morning after I wash my face, leave it on while I eat breakfast, then rinse off anything left over and follow with the rest of my skincare routine.  It’s also great to use after a mask or treatment for acne, which are usually quite drying.  I find that my skin recovers from acne a bit more quickly if I make sure it stays well hydrated.

The Makeup

While I consider it more important to make sure you start with well hydrated skin before makeup, it’s still wise to choose makeup that isn’t going to ruin all your hard work.  I swapped my old favorite foundation and concealer for the NARS Sheer Glow and Bobbi Brown Corrector.  I usually use the Bobbi Brown Corrector in the cooler months when my skin is naturally a touch my dry but I’ve pulled it out once again.  I use a Sigma Precision Tapered P86 brush to apply a small amount on the darkest areas under my eyes.  Then I’ll use my fingers or Beauty Blender sponge to blend.  Currently I’m working on my second sample of Sheer Glow while the full size makes its way to my doorstep.  I never bothered to try this cult favorite foundation before because it didn’t suit my skin type, but I have never found a foundation so comfortable to wear as this one.  I was worried it wouldn’t actually dry down because it’s so liquid-y when applied, but I’ve found that it sets very well and doesn’t feel sticky or tacky.  It gives a beautiful dewy finish.  I put a very light dusting of powder down the center of my face and it lasted through a humid night out without making me look shiny or drying out my skin!  Very impressed.

dry skin savior3

The makeup swaps (below)

dry skin savior4

The Body

I haven’t noticed too much of a change in the skin elsewhere on my body, but I thought I’d throw in my new favorite body cream for those who have chronically dry skin head to toe.  The CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is absolutely fantastic for anywhere from the neck down!  Not too thick or too watery, it sinks in immediately and doesn’t feel greasy.  I like to use it after shaving my legs and it kept them soft and hydrated for almost a full 24 hours.  It’s chock full of skin loving ingredients.  I really enjoy CeraVe as a brand because their products are effective and suitable for sensitive skin.  I personally don’t have sensitive skin but one friend of mine in particular is allergic to almost everything and has to be very careful about what she uses, so I always appreciate brands who keep that in mind!

dry skin savior5

What are your top picks for dry skin?  Share in the comments!


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