BlowPro Faux Dry Dry Shampoo

blow pro faux dry 4

Dry shampoo can be a miracle product but it’s so hard to find one that works.  I’m always on the lookout for a great formula that really works, but this one by BlowPro is one that I always come back to.

It’s a very fine white powder that you dispense onto hair in little “poofs” by squeezing the bottle.  I found the application odd at first, but once you get the hang of it it’s very easy.  It feels a bit like inflating a blood pressure cuff.  I kind of wish the Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder (another dry powder shampoo) had the same method of application because it’s easier to control how much product you apply and where it goes.  For travel it has a swivel top to cover the nozzle and prevent spills, and it’s non aerosol so it’s airplane friendly!

blow pro faux dry 3

The formula itself is what really makes it a favorite.  It’s a dry powder so there’s none of the stickiness that can occur with many of the aerosol versions.  It really absorbs excess oil and gives a little extra volume at the roots.  It will add a little more grip to slippery strands but it’s definitely not gritty.  The instructions tell you to massage the product in for a little bit after applying, and generally this gets rid of any white cast on the hair.  I like to use my fingertips and move back and forth perpendicular to the hairline, similar to how I would scrub my scalp with a regular shampoo.  If a hint of the granny hair look remains grab your hairbrush to brush out the rest.

blow pro faux dry 1

blow pro faux dry 2

I think the only thing I might like to add to this product if I could would be a good scent.  Sometimes you just need a little something to cover up the smell of post workout hair (which can get a bit funky), although if you’re sensitive to fragrances this would be a great pick!

The Verdict

An absolute staple.  Small and portable packaging with easy application and a great formula that soaks up oil, adds volume, and blends out even on darker hair.  Without fragrance it won’t compete with your favorite perfume or irritate those with sensitive noses.  This is one I’d recommend for any hair type.

Animal Testing: No


BlowPro Faux Dry
$20.00 USD
1.7 oz/50 g


What’s your favorite dry shampoo? Let me know in the comments!



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