Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

rimmel moisture renew lipstick close ups

Rimmel recently reformulated their Moisture Renew lipsticks as well as introduced more shades in the US.  They claim to “drench lips in moisture” while delivering vitamin-infused color with a glossy finish “at torrential value.”  I have three of the 25 shades for review today.

Honestly, I had a mini party in CVS when I stumbled upon these for the sole reason that the shade In Love With Ginger was finally in my hot little hands.  I had this in my basket in Boots on my last day in London and put it back thinking I could find it at home.  Wrong!  I looked everywhere when I got back and even tried to find dupes with limited success.  I realize it’s just a lipstick, but it was ridiculously irritated at myself for passing it up.  Fast forward to a few months later perusing the drugstore display and finding a product I thought I’d completely missed out on.  If any one was watching my face when I picked up that lipstick I’m sure they would have thought me insane… Happy anecdotes aside, let’s get on with the review!

These lipsticks are very smooth, creamy, and easy to apply with fully opaque color payoff.  They aren’t quite as hydrating as claims would leave you to believe; they are no lip balm.  But if I apply these to slightly dry lips it feels comfortable and leaves behind a bit of moisture upon removal.  If applied to pre-hydrated lips they hold that moisture there and don’t cause any drying whatsoever.  They have an average wear time for a lipstick, maybe about three to four hours on me without touch ups.  The brighter shades left behind a nice even stain on me.  Using a lip brush you could also work a couple of layers into the lips and blot in between for something more long lasting.  I tend to lick my lips (a subconscious habit) so as with all lipsticks on me these typically wear off a bit faster from the center.

There’s also a nice color selection with a good range of pinks, nudes, more mauve-y tones, and a few brights.  Most shades have a cream finish but there are a few shimmers if that’s more up your alley.  I also really enjoy the shade names as many of them remind me of London (e.g. Picadilly Pink, Oxford Street Fuchsia).  The redesigned packaging is sleek and iconic with the Rimmel logo visible on the top of the lid.  They close securely and have colored labels on the bottom indicating the name and number of the shade.  My one gripe would be that because the labels are on the bottom it would make the most sense to store them upside down, but because of the slope on the cap they’ll fall over easily unless you have a lipstick organizer with individual slots for each one.  The shape looks very nice but it’s a tad impractical for storage if you have a large collection.

Now the flaws in the formula.  I have to report that they do start to bleed into the fine lines of the lips after an hour or two.  This can be easily fixed with a clear lip liner, but if feathering is a concern these may not be for you.  They also have a noticeable powdery floral scent.  The scent isn’t bothersome to me, but they taste like sunscreen and it’s downright awful.  It takes longer than I’d like for the chemical flavor to fade away.  I will say that my aversion to the taste helps break my lip-licking habit but I feel obliged to warn you that the taste is quite a turn off.  Since they are such a glossy formula they also transfer to cups, clothes, and the lips of a significant other very easily.

Keep reading for close up swatches & comparison swatches!

rimmel moisture renew lipstick 5

360 As You Want Victoria is a bright, cool toned, berry magenta with a glossy cream finish.  I think this would be an excellent bright bold lip option for fall.  The Wet n’ Wild MegaLast Lip Color in 965 Cherry Picking is nearly identical apart from the matte finish.

rimmel moisture renew lipstick 7

660 In Love With Ginger is a bright, warm orange-red.  In swatches it pulls a bit more orange than red.  It also has a glossy cream finish.  The OCC Lip Tar in Grandma is very slightly more pink.  MAC’s Vegas Volt is much less red with more of a salmon pink tone.  Nyx’s Butter Lipstick in BLS10 Hot Tamale is darker.

rimmel moisture renew lipstick 6

705 Let’s Get Naked is a light, warm peachy-pink.  It could almost be a nude if it weren’t for the opacity of the color payoff.  It has a glossy cream finish.  Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural in N37 is slightly more orange with the tiniest amount of shimmer.  Revlon’s Lip Butter in Peach Parfait is more sheer with gold shimmer but approximately the same color.  MAC’s Patisserie is more sheer and slightly more mauve.

rimmel moisture renew lipstick 4

rimmel moisture renew lipstick 8

rimmel moisture renew lipstick 9

The Verdict

Overall I’m very pleased with these lipsticks.  They’re lightly moisturizing with excellent color payoff and a nice shade range.  Bad taste aside, I think these are excellent for those who prefer a more opaque everyday lip look.  A clear lip liner would be strongly recommended with these but Rimmel has recently released one of these as well.  Widely available and very affordable these are a solid pick from the drugstore.

Animal Testing:  No, except in countries such as China that still require animal testing.  This testing is performed by those local authorities and not by anyone associated with Rimmel London.


Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick
$6.99 USD
0.14 oz/4 g


Have you tried the new Moisture Renew Lipsticks?  Any shade recommendations? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

    • Thanks! I agree on the glitter, it’s a tad chunky in Peach Parfait. You could try layering Let’s Get Naked with some lip balm if you want to sheer it down, it’s quite opaque on it’s own.


  1. First off, you are a dead ringer for Valerie, a childhood friend of mine. I already own As You Want Victoria, which is pretty but not one I wear often. When I was given a chance to get a free lipstick, I was so glad one of the options was Let’s Get Naked. It looks more like an everyday color for me. But gosh darn, In Love With Ginger looks really pretty on you. I may have to get that one too. It’s a nice red, but not too red, shade.


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