A Few Blogging Awards

After having my blog for only about three weeks, I received a couple of very nice comments nominating me for blogging awards. I’m still quite new to the blogging community and I’ve waited a while to participate in the award posts because I wasn’t really sure what they were all about. As I understand it, blogging awards of this style are a good way to share a little more about yourself with your readers. In addition, you also share some of the newer blogs you enjoy reading. From my perspective there’s a bit of self promotion involved, but as I’ve been exposed to more of these award posts I find them a wonderful “getting to know me” opportunity. They also help you to feel more involved and accepted in the blogging community, which is something I think any blogger will appreciate.

Just a note about my nominations for these award tags, I’m only going to choose a handful of people for each one.  I still don’t know too many other smaller bloggers like myself and I feel like I’d run out of people to nominate!  Also a HUGE thank you to each and every one of the girls who nominated me for an award.  I know it took me a while to get around to this post, but I really appreciate the recognition and feeling more included in the beauty blogging community.

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Chit Chat: Back to School & Life

Hola chickens!  I could be normal and just say “Hello my lovely readers” but if you were to meet me in real life you know that I prefer to address people with an odd combination of Spanish and a phrase I stole from a wonderful Pilates instructor I learned from.  I’ve never done a post where I just sit down and talk to the few followers I’ve met since starting my blog, but I thought it would be nice to try.

I definitely haven’t been posting as much as I was when I first started my blog, but life got in the way a tad bit.  I was working a lot at my job and then had a family vacation with very limited internet access.  I also failed to plan ahead and write posts that I could schedule beforehand.  One of the downfalls to being a blogging newbie I suppose.  College classes have started back for me this past week, and so begins another round of trying to establish a schedule and get my life in order.  I know that my posting will be limited to once a week or so.  I would love it if I could keep up with twice a week but knowing myself I won’t have time to write, photograph, and edit enough to put up a quality post.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I’d rather give you all something I’m proud of than just slap something up in order to keep a deadline.

I thought I might share some of my pre-semester goals with you for the sake of keeping myself motivated.  If you have any advice or tips on keeping up with a busy schedule or being self employed (that’s what school feels like to me) definitely feel free to share!

Blog-wise I have several sets of photos that I just need to edit and write up a post to along with.  I’m working on reviews of the repackaged Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks (spoilers– they’re awesome), some Paula’s Choice toners, and a few of my favorite hair products.  I’ve posted a haul of some of my recent purchases so if you see anything you’d like a review of there be sure to let me know!  For school my goal is to stay on top of assignments and studying and seriously cut down on my procrastinating.  I feel like I enjoy school a lot more when I’m not so stressed out and I really get to learn the material (provided it’s material I’m interested in).  I know procrastination plagues many of us, and I like to think I’ve managed to cut down on it a good bit since my high school days but it still gets me once in awhile.  Other life goals I have are to work in regular exercise at least 4 days of the week, continue getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, and make time to spend with the boyfriend each week.

How do you get ready for a new semester after a summer or winter break?  Do you like to come up with some basic goals to keep in mind?  What things are important to you and how do you decide what to tackle first on your to-do list?


Link Love Lately No. 1

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  1. “Techno Butterfly” Christian Dior S/S 2013 Makeup Tutorial by Nikkie Tutorials
    1. This girl is seriously amazing when it comes to editorial/fashion inspired makeup!  The look here may be my favorite.
  2. Are You Circumcised? Ask Max Questions #2 by MaxNoSleeves
    1. Yes, the title is slightly weird, but this video contains one of my favorite quotes ever.  He’s asked, “Where’s Waldo?”  His reply, “I don’t know, probably off with Carmen San Diego laughing about all the socks they’ve stolen from my dryer.”
  3. Louder by Neon Jungle
    1. I like to listen to BBC Radio 1 when I wake up in the morning and they’ve been playing this quite a lot.  To me, this song is perfect for blasting in the car when you just want a moment to get away from it all.
  4. The Painted Rogue
    1. Probably the most unique beauty blog I’ve found so far!  It’s like D&D meets makeup with a dash of expert photography.  I found her site via one of Temptalia’s Sunday Link Love posts.
  5. Blog Advice 101 by London Beauty Queen
    1. Since I am such a new blogger I always appreciate tips from those who have managed to make a career out of it.  LBQ covers all kind of topics that don’t always get talked about, and I appreciate her blatant honesty and genuine enthusiasm for what she does.
  6. Kitten snuggling stuffed animal GIF
    1. Yes, I am a female and I squeal with happiness over small furry bundles of cuteness.
  7. Emergency Kittens @EmrgencyKittens
    1. In the same vein, if you also appreciate kitten cuteness and you have a Twitter, how are you not following Emergency Kittens???  They post lots of adorable photos that make any stressful day a hundred times better.
  8. Summer Matte Pat Down by The Beauty Department
    1. A clever tip for getting your cream blush to last all day, especially for oily girls!

What have you been loving lately?  Share in the comments!

Empties No. 1


Time to share with you the products I’ve used up over the past few months!  Empties videos are some of my favorites to watch on YouTube so I thought I’d try it out as a blog post.  If you’ve used up something until you’re scraping the sides of the bottle, chances are you can give a pretty good review!  Plus, who doesn’t love rummaging through someone else’s trash? (There’s the touch of sarcasm by the way.  It’s rather hard to convey in writing.)

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Thoughts On: The A.M. Caffeine Dose

I have a lot of random thoughts throughout the day, many of them snarky and politically incorrect, but occasionally I have a thought that might actually be interesting or beneficial to some of you.  This post series will be all of those random thoughts I have!

caffeineApparently Americans are slightly famous for being addicted to caffeine, namely coffee.  I think it’s quite a worldwide problem at this point, but I am, of course, also guilty of this phenomenon.  I say Americans are namely addicted to coffee because when I visited the UK I did some observation in a physical therapy clinic and one of the physio’s (as they’re called there, not therapists) offered me tea or coffee when he had a break between patients.  I asked for tea.  His response was, “What?  No coffee?  I thought that was a crime for an American to turn down coffee!”  So evidently we give off that impression somehow.  It could be the Starbucks on every single block in NYC.  Maybe.  Possibly.  Just saying.
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