EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46


Sunscreen!  It’s one of those products that everyone knows they should wear on a daily basis to prevent signs of aging as well as skin cancer, but many of us don’t like it.  Common gripes against sunscreens are smell, greasy texture, causing breakouts, and leaving a white residue on the skin.  I’ve been wearing sunscreen everyday since I was about 13 years old.  I’ve gone through many different kinds over the years, but the UV Clear by EltaMD is the one I’ve stuck with since I found it.  Previously I had only ever used chemical sunscreens.  The “sunscreen” smell had always annoyed me and when I went through my skincare routine after working out the sunscreen started to sting my skin, so I wanted to try a physical sunscreen.

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo: How I Made It Work For Me

effaclar duo1

I feel like the Effaclar Duo has a very love/hate following.  On one hand, it definitely works to get rid of acne.  On the other hand, La Roche-Posay is usually a brand that caters to more sensitive skin and this is one product that has managed to irritate even my generally tolerant skin.

As I understand it, there are two versions.  The version sold in the US is more concentrated and meant to be used as a spot treatment; the version available in the UK and Europe is more dilute and can be used as a spot treatment or an allover acne treatment.  As I live in the US, I have the more concentrated version.

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Softer, Smoother Skin & Ingrown Hair Treatment | AHA+ by Acne.org

acne.org AHA+ 1

The promises of glycolic acid in skincare sound almost too good to be true: softer, smoother, younger and clearer looking skin?  Sign me up!  I had been interested in trying a glycolic acid treatment for a long time but I never knew which one to go for.  After discovering Beautypedia and spending far too many hours reading product reviews I finally settled on this one by Acne.org, and the results have been fantastic.

I am by no means getting to the stage where I’m overly concerned with the signs of aging, but I do subscribe to the “prevention is better than treatment” theory.  The main benefit I was hoping to get from this product was acne related.  As I’ve gotten older my skin has definitely started to change from oily to combination/dry, but I still have frequent breakouts.  I also switched birth control methods to a low hormone option.  While I’m happy with the switch in all other respects, I now have to contend with hormonal acne.  This type of acne shows up on either side of my chin, along my jawline, and some under my chin (which I have never had before and it grosses me out).  It’s also generally cystic and can be painful.

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