Thoughts On: The A.M. Caffeine Dose

I have a lot of random thoughts throughout the day, many of them snarky and politically incorrect, but occasionally I have a thought that might actually be interesting or beneficial to some of you.  This post series will be all of those random thoughts I have!

caffeineApparently Americans are slightly famous for being addicted to caffeine, namely coffee.  I think it’s quite a worldwide problem at this point, but I am, of course, also guilty of this phenomenon.  I say Americans are namely addicted to coffee because when I visited the UK I did some observation in a physical therapy clinic and one of the physio’s (as they’re called there, not therapists) offered me tea or coffee when he had a break between patients.  I asked for tea.  His response was, “What?  No coffee?  I thought that was a crime for an American to turn down coffee!”  So evidently we give off that impression somehow.  It could be the Starbucks on every single block in NYC.  Maybe.  Possibly.  Just saying.
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