Obsession: Soap & Glory Hand Food

soap and glory hand food 1

I may or may not have developed a slight obsession with the Soap & Glory Hand Food… I definitely have three different sizes floating around my apartment.  I’ve tried several different hand creams and this one stands true as my favorite!

My first mini tube came from Sephora just before I left for my trip to England.  It quickly replaced my Bath & Body Works hand cream for a few reasons:

  1. It’s completely non-greasy.  There’s nothing that irritates me more than leaving a trail of greasy fingerprints behind me after applying hand cream.  This one sinks right in!
  2. It smells AMAZING.  It says it contains the scents of shea butter, macadamia oil, and marshmallow.  To me it smells like the Miss Dior Cherie fragrance.  Very sweet but somehow still a bit luxurious and sophisticated
  3. It fulfills the most basic requirement of a hand cream: moisturization.  Granted if your hands are so dry they’ve begun to split at the knuckles you may need something stronger, but for daily year-round use it fits the bill perfectly.  You’ll need to reapply after washing your hands, but a little bit of the hydration will stick around even if you don’t.

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Bal d’Afrique by Byredo Parfums

A few months ago: Enter an American girl in London, obsessed with beauty, finally made it to the Liberty store after walking up and down Oxford St. at least twice.  After deciding her future home needs to look like the outside of the shop, she wanders through every floor before allowing herself to peruse the beauty aisles.  She spots counters for brands she’s only heard about online, and several for brands she’s never even heard of.  Byredo Parfums is one of those brands.

byredo bal d'afrique 3

I was first drawn into the Byredo counter because the brand was totally new to me.  It said it was based out of Stockholm, Sweden and I happen to be one quarter Swedish.  I have never visited Sweden but my dad has and he said I would like it there.  Apparently they eat salmon like it’s chicken, everyone speaks English as well as Swedish, and almost no one is obese (the obesity epidemic disturbs me greatly… but more on that later).

Returning to Liberty.  The girl at the counter was very friendly and educated me on the brand.  She said they use the highest concentration of oils possible in their eau de parfums which makes the scent very intense and long lasting.  She also helped me choose which scents to test out of the twenty available.  After spritzing several on tester cards I completely fell in love with Bal d’Afrique.

byredo bal d'afrique 5

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