About Me

IMG_1170Hello, my name is Katie and BellaRose Makeup is my beauty blog. I’ve been learning and experimenting with makeup for the past six years. I’ve dabbled in making You Tube videos as well as doing work as an amateur makeup artist. I’ve done several bridal looks to date, with great success I’m pleased to say!

I’m currently a student at a state university. Once I’ve earned my undergraduate degree I hope to work more as a freelance makeup artist on the side. In the meantime I thought it would be fun to write about the products I use on a daily basis and share my thoughts on all things beauty and skincare. In the course of attending my university, I’ve taken several classes where I’ve learned concepts that apply to how skincare and cosmetics work and I hope to be able to incorporate that knowledge into my reviews in a way that’s easy for all to understand.  I also love trying any new products that come my way.

I try to post once or twice a week as my schedule allows.  Be sure to check back weekly for new content!  I always love reading comments and hearing your thoughts on all things beauty and skincare.

Feedback, requests, and constructive criticism are always welcome. I hope you enjoy!

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