L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess Mascara

One of the newest additions to the L’Oreal mascara collection is the Voluminous Million Lashes Excess, here in 455 Black.

Housed in a beautiful red and gold metallic tube, the product itself states some very bold claims:

“Our newest addition to the Voluminous family, L’Oréal Paris introduces Voluminous Million Lashes Excess, which combines bold volume with clean definition for an excessively dramatic lash look. Our legendary Millionizer brush is bigger than ever to separate and build each lash evenly from root to tip. The mascara features a built-in, anti-clump wiper that removes surplus mascara for a clean and impactful effect. Plus, the ultra black formula amplifies each individual lash for a dramatic lash effect.” –lorealparisusa.com

I have tried the original Voluminous Million Lashes mascara and I disliked it so much I actually returned it. While the brush was very good at separating and defining the lashes, it gave almost no volume and not as much length as I was hoping for. I’m happy to report this formula is a definite improvement.

The Excess mascara gives my lashes TONS of volume, lots of length, and minimal clumping. It’s also very black and makes my lashes stand out like no other. I don’t find that it lets my lashes droop throughout the day (and trust me I’ve had some long days wearing this). I should point out that my lashes are generally quite cooperative in the curling department and I do always use a lash curler beforehand. The product itself has a slight floral scent that doesn’t bother me but may not agree with sensitive eyes. It’s only noticeable when the mascara is still wet and tends to disappear quickly after drying.

L’Oreal claims that it has a “bigger than ever” brush, and while it is larger than average it’s not so big it’s unusable. The wand is one of the plastic bristled variety. It has an hourglass shape that tapers down to a smaller point at the tip to make coating the tiny lashes on the inner corner of the eye much easier. It is also one of the wands that’s lightly flexible but I don’t find that it affects the application very much.


After curling my lashes I like to apply mascara to one eye, then the other, and then go back while the first side is still slightly damp to apply a bit more as a second coat. The formula stays wet long enough to allow plenty of time to separate any lashes that stick together. I have had almost no issues with clumping; the few problems I have had came from simply applying too much which can happen with any mascara. The pointy bristles make separation easy and I do especially like the tiny bristles near the tip for the inner corners and lower lashes. Just be sure to wipe off the end of the wand on the neck of the tube to remove the little blob of excess product that comes up each time.



If you want to go through the lashes with a lash comb for extra separation, be sure to do so before everything dries completely. I’ve found that doing so afterwards causes flaking. I have had flaking issues with every L’Oreal mascara I’ve ever tried. Even without fussing with things after drying I still find a few tiny specs on my cheeks if I’m wearing this for over 8 hrs. Since this is the non-waterproof version I also will get a tiny bit of smudging on the lower lashline if I’ve had a very long day (or if it’s particularly hot and humid). That being said I’ve worn this for up to 12 hrs and at the end of the night things still look pretty darn good. It holds the length, volume, and blackness very well. I also find it’s very easy to remove at the end of the day. I’ve had my tube for a little over two months now and it’s just now starting to feel a touch bit drier. Overall still going strong.

The Verdict

Despite the few black specs I find on my cheeks every once in awhile, I really do love this mascara. It gives me big, beautiful, and very black lashes that last throughout the day. It’s not for torrential downpours or situations where tears are inevitable, but as an everyday mascara it’s one of my favorites. As a plus the packaging also makes me feel extra fancy (good thing since L’Oreal mascaras 1are some of the most expensive in the drugstore). Definitely gets a recommendation from me.

Black and Blackest Black are the only two shades available and there is currently no waterproof version.  A single tube contains 0.31 fl oz/ 92 mL.

The L’Oreal Paris website states that they do not test on animals.

Mine was purchased from CVS for $8.99.

  • Price per 1 ounce: $29.03 USD
  • Price per 100 mL: $9.78 USD

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